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Cigar Band featuring CZ details

Shown modeled with our eternity band

• Measurements: 10mm wide band

• Base Material: High Quality Surgical Steel

• Finish: 18k Gold. We strive to use the finest quality materials in the industry to create each Maive piece. We are proud of our tried and tested plating process using a thick layer of 24k or 18k gold.

• Nickel Free and Lead Free, won't turn fingers green!

• Waterproof and Tarnish Resistant

• We use 18k gold so the ring will have a richer gold color because there is more gold in the product vs 10k or 14k gold. Because the surface area is larger for this ring, it can look more yellow when oils from fingers or lotions are left behind on the ring. We recommend wiping down the ring with a soft cloth or rubbing a drop of dishwashing liquid and cleansing with water. This will remove the layer of oils that may be on the ring and bring it back to its original color.

• All our jewelry is packaged in our signature MAIVE pouches. If you would like multiple items from your order packaged separately please let us know!

Please let us know if you have any questions about our products, styling, or recommendations. We are happy to help!

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